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Just me and BC again. We stopped by to visit the horses first thing. BC wasn’t nearly as afraid as he was last time. He was either well rested or he’s finally getting used to large farm animals.


I’m afraid I’ve spoiled the cats. I can’t resist petting them since we have none. 🙂


BC hit the bottle first thing.


We cleaned out some old carrots beds. I sat on a stinging nettle. Those things hurt even through clothing.

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Had some buggy finds today. The older I get, the more squeamish I get about killing crunchy bugs like grasshoppers. The caterpillar would probably have appreciated if I’d have killed it. It wouldn’t have ended up in BC’s curious hands. He found it interesting to see how far the thing could stretch and spring back. I did finally “rescue” it by putting it in the weed bucket.


Then we said goodbye, until tomorrow, to the sheep.

Quite honestly, if all we ever did was weed it might be just fine with me, though I know we need to learn more than that. Working outside doing anything is so much more satisfying than working inside. If only I could afford a maid. I’d spend the whole day outside. 🙂


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