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So, where was I? πŸ˜‰

The bad news first…read through the city codes…man, it’s scary to think they can dictate every, single, last thing you can do to your house down to the type of windows you install…but I digress. We cannot have any farm animals of any type on our property. Our neighbors had a few years ago so I guess I must have assumed that since we are pretty much right next to horse property, we could at least of chickens and goats. Nope. Can’t even have a peacock…though, having lived next to someone who had one years ago I can almost understand that. Their screech sounds like a woman being murdered. πŸ˜€

Almost forgot the cruel irony…We ordered Backwoods Home Magazine for The Teenager as a birthday gift and he got his first gift…it’s the chicken issue.

Took the younger kids out to see the new calf and play at the farm on Saturday and The Farmer asked if he couldn’t train The Teenager in more things as he feels the kid has a natural aptitude for this sort of work. I was good. I didn’t give him a huge hug and kiss. πŸ˜€ Can’t make a momma bear happier than giving ’em something good about their kids. πŸ™‚

We planted some quinoa at the house, and some Swiss Chard. Both are mostly for Braniac, who has a thing for rainbows. Both are “rainbow” types of the plants. πŸ™‚ Also got down to Poway and picked up some trees. Got a nectarine for the front yard and that’s in. Need to plant the others. Planted some bulbs. Need to make some room in the garage for all the junk in the old playroom so we can get moving with the remodel in there. The Teenager has been working longer hours at the farm. It seems to suit him. I think that’s about all the random homestead-y stuff I can come up with right now. For all the work we’ve been doing it seems it should take up more space. πŸ™‚

Here are some more pics.


The Teenager told me that Babycakes thought that it was the gloves that made The Farmer so strong to be able to lift up the buckets of dirt. He put the gloves on and was disappointed that he couldn’t do the same. πŸ™‚


New Calf


Yes, we do have the most awesome nursery. It’s Walter Andersen’s in Poway.



We did get some shopping done eventually. Needless to say, BC slept the whole way home. Even through dinner. πŸ™‚


Pics from when I took the middles to see the lamb a few weeks ago.



Braniac LOVES cows. Cows are the reason he became a vegetarian. He used to eat meat, then one day The Teenager told him that a hot dog was made from cows. Hasn’t touched the stuff since. Won’t even eat Jell-o.


I think The Farm has been really good for BC’s development. We’ll see if things continue that way. He’s been exploring more and I’ve tried not to worry too much about him.



Our bare root nectarine in our sad, messy front yard. I’m sure our neighbors will be happy when we are finished.


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  1. I hate that in suburbia every little thing can be dictated albeit I have lived in the country and hated being too far from everything it does get frustrating having your every move scrutinized as well. We love Backwoods Home Magazine and maybe it will inspire all of you for the future we didn’t have chickens right away. Enjoyed this post!

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