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Today is the last day of the diet and, in short, we have much more money at the end of this month than usual. Go figure, eh? 😉

The best thing is how I’ve been able to get the kids on board. If they aren’t happy about it, at least they are used to it. Spock is the best about it. He wasn’t happy to have to eat out in an emergency situation the other day. He understands that eating out is costing us possibly several thousand dollars a year. He gets money. The Teenager and Mr Great-heart seem to still be under the impression the stuff grows on trees. Hopefully as we continue this throughout the year they will finally start to understand.

I think the most helpful thing about this “diet” is it’s a cold turkey diet. You decide not to spend on anything other than necessities, but only for a month, and you are really forced to think through each purchase. I didn’t go to the store as much, didn’t look through the clearance racks at all, didn’t buy anything just because it was on sale. We still had some very nice times. We had two birthdays this month and had no problem celebrating them with homemade pizza and homemade desserts. We found that the kids like store brand soda just as well as name brand (we only have soda for special occasions and some weekends already, but I cut it down to only special occasions this month). Nobody died from it at all. I honestly can’t stand the stuff myself so it makes no never-mind to me.

The most difficult time for me was about mid-month. Around the 15th I suddenly was tired of it and wanted to just go get take-out. But I clamped down on that, reminding myself what was at stake (and that I have to be the adult in this since my dh is also under the impression the stuff grows on trees. lol).

The menu planning was a huge help in making sure we started eating at home. I flunked at it this week, but I’ve made it and mostly stuck to it each week. We were sick a significant chunk of the month but we still didn’t let that deter us from eating food from home instead of opting for drive-thru.

With The Teenager I’ve been trying to emphasize to him that with his desire to homestead he really needs to get over his supposed need to eat out all the time. Having been raised in the city he really doesn’t understand that once we are in the country, Lord willing, there is no corner In N Out, there is no Subway around the corner, no 7-11 Slurpees on the way to work. I suppose he’ll have to learn the hard way, like far too many of us. But I am very happy with this month’s results and plan to continue with this throughout the year. There are a few major purchases I put off until February, and over the course of the month I’ve decided that a few of them can be put off until March, or longer if necessary, since some of the things are only wants, not needs, or they are needs we can wait on until later.

Looking forward to seeing how much better off we are at the end of the whole year after a full year of living this way.



Posted January 31, 2013 by Sara-Stanley in In the Beginning

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