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Linking up with Menu Plan Monday again.

First, a review of last week. It didn’t quite go as planned. NYE day ended up being crazy…including locked keys in cars. The latter is ironic because I haven’t done this in years *and* I just got rid of  (temporarily) my cellphone. But it was very neat the way God worked it out. I was at Sprouts and asked one of the fellows in the front if I could use the phone (because there are no payphones to speak of anywhere). He was very, very nice, even checking out in the parking lot for AAA from time to time. He gave Babycakes a pop, which made him happy, though it was grape and not his fave, but he played with it for a very long time. Sometimes it’s just nice to get help and be reminded that everyone in the world isn’t as self-consumed as we sometimes think. All that to say, we didn’t eat what we’d planned coz I still had to pick up Stan & the kids over at the yogurt shop.

The rest of the week was somewhat similar, but we did get pizza done on Thursday. It was The Teenager’s birthday so I was motivated. I also made a pie for him. It was pretty good stuff. We’re really enjoying all this home-cooked/non-processed eating (except Braniac) so it’s good motivation to at least make something instead of eating out or boxed. About the time I went to make the whipped cream for the pumpkin pie I got really, really tired. I thought it was from all the work I’ve been doing here and at the farm, but, alas, it was not. I’ve been sick since then. That kinda through everything else out coz  I didn’t even get to the store. But, today is back to school so I have to get out. It’s also Spock’s birthday. Unfortunately, it’s a super busy day with music lessons for The Teenager and Cub Scouts for Mr. Great-heart, not to mention after school ASL class for the three middles, so we’ll have part of his stuff today and part tomorrow. He gets his presents today, and some pork, smothered with garlic. Tomorrow I’ll make cupcakes and take them to school for his birthday as well as for Mr. Great-heart, whose birthday is on Christmas Eve so we haven’t had a school party for him yet.

Alright, enough chit-chat, here’s my menu.

Monday: Porkloin with a garlic & herb rub. Carrots–from the farm. Mashed potatoes (cheating and going with TJ’s boxed). No salad. Totally forgot to pick it up at the farm today. We no longer eat that store bought paper green stuff they try to pass of as lettuces. ;D

Tuesday: Spaghetti. Possibly bread if I have time, otherwise we’ll use Udi’s with garlic butter. Plus, of course, I have to make cupcakes & decorate them (I’m cheating on that too and just using decos.)

Wednesday: Herbed Turkey Roast (in the crockpot) with veggies. Possibly salad, if I remember to pick some up.

Thursday: Leftovers.

Friday: Pork Pot Roast (also in the crockpot) and veggies.

Saturday: Pizza–We’re having Spock’s grandparents over for his birthday and The Teenager’s that day after the air show. Maybe I’ll try another pie if I have time on Friday.

Sunday: Leftovers.

We’ll see how things go this week. I rested all weekend but there is no more time to rest. Just have to pray I get better, and quick. There are no sick days for moms. 😀

Have a blessed week.


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  1. I love using my crockpot. I have recently started to use it once a week. Great menu!

  2. The herbed turkey roast sounds great. Nice menu!

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