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Took Braniac (my 4th) to the farm today.


 Of all my kids, I think B looks the most like a farmer. 🙂


He was a bit of a help. He mostly just asked a lot of questions, which is normal for him.


When we went to feed the beef cattle I forgot to take my camera. 😦 He really enjoyed that. I didn’t tell them why we fed them extra and he didn’t ask. See, Braniac is a self-proclaimed vegetarian. He’s serious too. Won’t even eat Jello. When we were looking at the other animals he “scolded” me twice for eating turkey. “You ate turkey on Thanksgiving. You shouldn’t eat turkeys, Mom.” Some parents might be annoyed, and if he was a teenager and had added vegetarianism to his list of ways he tries to annoy his parents I probably would be. 😀


Went to visit the horses before we left.



Not sure if I’ll get him to go back with me again before he goes back to school, but he did enjoy this day. I think he’d like to bring his class sometime. Will have to mention it.


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