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Learned a lot about lettuces today. Especially about spinning them. 🙂 Now this is a spinner, eh?



This is where the vegetables are cleaned. It’s a pretty nice set up. I like the wood floors that let the water go under. This keeps it from getting slippery. We might try to build a small one later.


One of the best things about working outside is you don’t have to be quite as careful as you do inside. 🙂


This picture didn’t come out too great. It’s supposed to be of the spider on the lettuce leaf. I saved it from the tub. I’m learning to make peace with my greatest fear. 😀 Except black widows…no mercy…oh, and spiders that take up residence in my house. 😉


A couple of pictures of The Teenager…if you can pick him out. He’s pretty good at hiding even when he doesn’t realize he being photographed. 🙂



A couple of cuties who feed on the weeds we pull.


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