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We’ve been working on our front yard for a while now. We’d like to clean it up and intersperse a herb garden amongst the roses. We might try potatoes out front too. We need things people won’t just walk up onto your yard and take. That’s a big problem in SoCal I guess. I’ve even heard of people whose neighbor’s gardeners would climb up on the back fence to steal fruit from the trees in the back yard.


This is the most we’ve seen of the front yard in years. Until this afternoon, the entire right side of our yard was covered with the branches from the neighbor’s trees. It’s coming along nicely. I’m going to need a snow shovel, or some other wide shovel, to clean up the leaves on the side. They are several inches thick. If we were already set up to use them for compost or had a place to keep it for mulch it would be awesome. But we’ll have plenty of leaves next spring when we are. These trees belong to the nieghbor so they aren’t going anywhere.


Posted December 4, 2012 by Sara-Stanley in In the Beginning

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