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Discovered some seedlings in Babycakes’ pumpkin cup this morning.


The Teenager and I started at the farm this morning. Weeded in the carrots. Discovered a newfound loathing of stinging nettles. 😀


While we weeded, Babycakes enjoyed the fresh air and the dirt. Well, not so much the dirt…but that’s what mommy’s shirt was made for, to wipe hands on. 🙂


The farmer was most generous. We actually had absolutely no idea we’d get anything for our work except the experience we so desperately need. What an incredible blessing. \o/


Tried some new fruit. These are yellow watermelon. They are about softball size so we can grow them in our backyard…and we will. They were very tasty. 🙂


I also tried persimmons for the first time. I am now an official addict. I’m gonna add that to my tree list…that list keeps getting longer, and longer, and longer. I’m gonna need to buy me an orchard. 😉


Posted November 28, 2012 by Sara-Stanley in In the Beginning

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